Frequently Asked Questions

Your website is your Information Hub. Established customers often look for a website to find contact information, hours, and specials. Providing them with an easy way to find this information will free up a lot of your phone time.

B2B customers are looking for you for a specific reasons. They want to know:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • how to contact you

46 percent will click away if the info’s not obvious.

The internet is the new yellow pages. When you need services: a new doctor, a repair shop, or a good place to eat, do you go to Facebook to find one? Of course not. You do an internet search.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Ranking on Search Engines is essentially a popularity contest. An SEO campaign is a series of strategies to help increase votes for your site.

Search engines use over 200 known metrics to display the most credible and relevant results. Because every website is different, your campaign will be customized and structured based on your current search engine ranking and marketing goals.

Our processes and strategies for each client are customizable, and always reflect the latest updates from major search engines. This ensures that we focus on the areas that benefit your company the most. The following is a brief summary of the tasks we do for your campaign.

We are constantly watching what works and what doesn’t. So the actual process will be adapted when needed.

We watch things such as

  • Optimizing content and keywords
  • Social media setup
  • Watching Reviews
  • Analyzing your top competitors
  • and much much more

Give us 6 months and see what we can do.

We believe in absolute transparency. We have 100% confidence in all of the actions that will be completed for your website.

You’ll be able to see your results and get real-time progress updates as your campaign advances. You will also be able to track the daily progress made on your keywords, and review Google Analytics reports in order to see traffic and bounce rates all in one place.

-It’s pretty cool!

We are always learning and familiarizing ourselves with the latest search engine updates and practices. We will never use unethical  techniques to cheat or manipulate rankings. All of the work that we do will always align with current SEO standards to ensure that you rank naturally and show continual organic growth.

No. We have the technological experience and expertise to keep our services in house.

We own our own hosting web-servers and are committed to keeping the numbers of sites per server very low. And the technical support is super fast!!

Our SEO experts stay up to date with the algorithm changes and adapt whenever it is needed.